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If you ready to using emoticons in your Blackberry messenger some tips may help you to attract more. Generally we want to share some information to others. We regularly use text messages and voice calls for exchanging information between our contacts. For example if you have a friend want to greet him for birthday or marriage timings, your default text information not enough. In this case we need some specialized message need to exchange. Then only we can attract them on their special occasion. For this purpose emoticons and blackberry stickers are really helpful. A bbm emoticon is a excellent animated icon you can make it through text symbols. Similar sticker items you don’t need to install any app for this usage. Simply enter text in your message box and tap the send button, your receiver can view beautiful emoticon on their device. No any hard challenges we don’t facing through using emoticons. Only one toughest thing we need to memorize lots of emoticons for easy usage. Here you can see updated emoj collections.

Sending right emoj to right person is always works in many ways. If you send funny birthday emoticon on messaging box helps you attract immediately from your receiver. Compare to all feelings a funny cartoons are better option on all time. Because all ages like to make fun and involved funny events. So sending crazy emojs helpful to make better positive thoughts among bbm users. You can send party type text smiles also for birthday greetings. Parties are closely relative with birthdays, so you can use this type of emots too.

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Orbera is an intragastric balloon weight loss procedure. In simpler words, it’s a silicone balloon device placed in a person’s stomach through the use of an endoscope, or a stomach balloon for weight loss. The entire procedure only takes about 30 minutes and has a very short recovery time.

The balloon is not inflated when it’s placed in the stomach, but once it’s in, the balloon is filled with saline which essentially makes the stomach smaller and reduces hunger. It is a much safer choice than surgery that actually reduces the stomach.

The balloon remains in place for six months. During this time, the person who received the procedure is given a diet and exercise program. The entire program strongly relies on behavior modification, and then learning how to live with a ‘new body.’ After the six months is over, the balloon is removed from the person’s stomach, and then the learned behavior one receives when the balloon is in place is to continue. Again, recovery time is very short.

The Orbera procedure is not available in the United States at this time, however it has been very effective in people around the world. In order to qualify, one must be willing to take instructions on how to diet and exercise after the balloon is in place, and they must be at least twenty-five pounds overweight, with a BMI of 27. Again, the most critical time is immediately following the placement of the balloon, as the person will learn to eat properly and exercise. Once the balloon is removed, the person must keep up their diet and exercise regimen to be successful.

Thew Orbera intragastric balloon is a relatively safe and minimally invasive technique which is temporary, and it allows for people to relearn how to eat. Hopefully, the United States will begin offering this methodology to Americans, as the procedure is a great alternative to other weight loss techniques.

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Our body runs with all natural processes. Cells are fundamental units of our body; they make up tissues and tissues further make body organs. Our body is composed of thousands of trillions of cells.

A basic natural process is followed by the cells in which millions of cells develop, grow and divide million times every day. Thousands of cells die every day after reaching to a certain age but when some of them do not die and are not able to perform their functions due to low ATP energy they start behaving abnormally. Cancer begins with this situation.

Cancer is a deadly situation or disease in which abnormal production of cells occur in a certain body organ or blood. These cells accumulate perpetually and grow tumors.

There are different types of cancer that are characterized by body organs in which it inhabits. You will see that there are different types of treatments used to treat cancer. These days, oncologists are using conventional as well as natural cancer therapies & treatments to get success over this deadly disease. You can read about some of the most popular alternative cancer treatments via

In every country, cancer hospitals and clinics are present which provide both alternative and conventional treatments for cancer. 

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If you are struggling to learn how to reduce cellulite really fast it is probably because you have not optimized your diet in the right fashion. In the absence of effective dietary optimization it is going to be very difficult for you to get rid of your cellulite without delay. So if you are really serious about getting the best results I am going to strongly recommend that you really focus on optimizing your diet as much as possible and without delay. If you are not optimizing your diet on a consistent basis you are never going to reduce your cellulite no matter how hard you try.

So if you are finally ready to learn how to reduce cellulite fast I would recommend that you first focus on the total amount of antioxidants you are consuming. If you cannot effectively increase your intake of antioxidants it is going to be infinitely more difficult for you to get rid of your cellulite rapidly. You have to remember that antioxidants are going to accelerate the repair process within your body and they will also increase your levels of energy significantly. So if you are really serious about getting the absolute best results I would recommend that you really focus on consuming a large amount of antioxidants on a consistent basis. Now the best way to increase your intake of antioxidants is by making sure that you are consuming a large amount of vegetables frequently.

Just remember that figuring out how to reduce cellulite is not going to be an overnight process. If you are really serious about getting the best results you have to focus on a more long-term mindset so that you stick with your program. If you cannot effectively stick with your program it is going to be very difficult for you to keep on getting results that will actually last. So make sure you really focus on a long-term strategy so that you can actually stick to or else you are going to end up failing time and again.


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Each of the Whitley Residences units are pre furnished with all modern amenities such as microwave oven, and outdoor oven, a wine chiller, a dishwasher, a state of the art air conditioner, a refrigerator with double doors, hobs and washing machines. The two types of properties here are the inter terrace properties and semidetached. The inter terrace properties are the ones with personal roof terraces along with a large outdoor terrace. The Whitley Residences is located in one of the posh and central areas of the city, this luxury group of residences is in close distances from all the important amenities of Singapore city. The city of Singapore is well connected by the Central expressway stations and others. It is one of the best Landed New Launch of the website as well. There are many benefits of buying a property in Whitley Residences. The first feature is that is it situated in Freehold district 11 which is means that it is in one of the best pasts of the city. One of the first things that prospective land or property buyers must assure is where the property is located. If the place is near to all the central amenities of the city then it is a prime land. The second feature that the land area of the Whitley Residences is enormous, boasting of a total land area of 130000 square feet of prime and freehold land. Take a virtual tour here

The interiors of the residential area ranges from 5 thousand to 6 thousand square feet, which is really huge! Every unit has ample space for two car lots which ensures more than enough space for all the vehicles of the residents. Every apartment building consists of four levels and each level is designed superbly to have 5 suite bedrooms in addition to a private place with is enclosed from view, a personal elevator and a roof terrace. Another advantage is that of its reputation. This area is a large freehold area site in the district 9 to 11 where many homes have been developed in the last two decades. Another feature which sets this property apart from others is that it is close to some of the best schools in the city so that the children of the residents do not have to travel far for education. Every apartment building is made in a condo style which one of the most luxurious styles in the world for personal residences. 

Other facilities that the homes of Whitley Residence offer to the residents are private basement, private car part, Jacuzzi pools, five pools each of 4o meters, spa services, an international standard club house and gym, wonderful gardens full of greenery and ample space for running and jogging, pools for kids and more. With a total of 61 units here, Whitley residence is the place to be! There are also many properties as part of Sengkang New Launch which customers shall delight in. These properties have all the best and world class facilities fit of the lifestyle of the rich and famous. Visit the showflat here .

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There are some vital aspects to be considered when you ascertain the right plumber for your requirements. Several people side line some aspects when searching for a good plumber and it is a huge mistake to commit. This can lead you to pay more than you should. There are some pivotal aspects in order to find the right plumber.

 It is a vital aspect of any type of plumbing service. You would surely anticipate that a plumber is certified. It is important that you check this aspect with them. A plumber has to be very reliable in providing the service to you. He should offer you quality work.

You need to ask a plumber about the guarantee so that you may be aware about the quality service he may provide to you. In case they do not provide you a guarantee, you may ask for one. You should observe some aspects in a plumber like his dress sense, mannerisms, approach etc. It has been seen that their behaviour shows their attitude towards work.

It would be a very nice idea to know about the experience of a plumber before you take a decision to hire them. You may check their past work history on their website. You may also ask them how long have they been in the business. There is a lot to find about the plumber service singapore as they are the  best.


Car crashes are fortunately rare, however they are shockingly fast and shuddery. If you've been part of an accident that wasn’t your fault, bear in mind that you’re entitled to claim personal injury. Follow these steps if you’re part of a car accident. 


1. Stop

The first thing to do is stop. It's an associate offence to go away from the scene of a collision.

2. Ensure everyone is safe

If the vehicles are in a dangerous position or if they block the road, ensure everyone's out of the way and that somebody warns approaching traffic.

3. Call the police

You should call the police when a driver refuses to exchange details, whether or not he is injury or not. If the scene is dangerous or somebody is badly hurt you should also call the police.

4. Provide the proper details

You must provide your name and address to anyone concerned, despite if you’re guilty or not.

5. Get the proper details

Ask for names, addresses and phone numbers of these concerned. Also note all the details about the vehicle.

6. Take photos

Chances are you or a witness is going to be ready to take photos. Record the scene from many angles and try to photograph all the details.

You then need to contact an attorney for car accident to assist you with the personal injury compensation claim.


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You can buy gift cards from online retailers at nice dicounted prices. Gift cards make excellent use for saving yourself money or for giving as gifts to anyone on an any occasion. You can buy buy discounted gift cards now online and have them shipped to your post office box or delivered right to your home or office door. Many gift cards come available with no expiration date. Gift cards are accepted at online retailers and traditional stores. Here are just a few nice things you may be interesed in purchasing a gift card to use for:


  • Gas
  • Food
  • Grocery shopping
  • Clothes
  • Dining out at restaurants
  • Electronics
  • Jewelry and more


Gift cards can be received electronically or in the mail. They are perfect for giving to your family, friends, co-workers, and children. There are many types of gift cards to choose from and a few of them are photo gift cards, eGift cards, business gift cards, Visa gift cards, Discover gift cards and more.

You may choose to have your gift card personalized or printed with your own logo. eGift cards can be delivered to you in a few short minutes right to your inbox. Buy gift cards discounted and save up to 35% right now. Speciality gift cards and corporate gift cards are available.  You can shop for your gift cards online by brand, price or category. View a wide selection of them online today. Some gift cards come available as prepaid cards that can be used anywhere at stores or ATMs. Gift cards are excellent for holiday gift giving too. Gift cards act like a large gift that comes in a small package.  Gift cards are safe, secure and easy to use because many of them come available with a pin number. You can buy discounted gift cards in select-brand names online now.

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Flashlights are essential gadgets in every household. Haven’t you purchased yours yet? Well, you must because it safeguards you from all the worst dangers out there. Imagine you are on night trip to the nearby place and it’s too dark out there, what will you do? Don’t be scared when you have Nitecore Tiny Monster TM26 flashlight. TM26 is a popular version from Nitecore, TM is called as “tiny monster” and sure it is.


The design is very stylish and it’s made with aluminum alloy. LED are the great component used with the TM26. This model is quadray that means it has four LED’s. The light is very powerful and there are four different brightness levels. Depending on the need, the light intensity can be varied from 3 lumens to 3500 lumens.

Brightness levels

There are four brightness levels with this flashlight. This can be extremely powerful flashlight and too much brightness can hit 200 to 300 meters. As you see with your eye, the flashlight is helpful to give full complete view. Some latest models do provide 4000 lumens which is very awesome at this tiny device. This is the gadget that everyone likes to have in their pockets. The light density varies with 3 lumens, 95 lumens, 540 lumens, 1700 lumens and 3500 lumens. There is a button which can adjust the brightness levels.

Battery life

Battery life varies depends on the light intensity. You can use eight cr123 batteries or 4 18650 rechargeable batteries. With 3500 lumens it can hold 45 minutes, with 3 lumens can stand up to 1000 hours, which is way more enough than you needed. In case of emergency, it would work with one 18650 battery and 2 cr123 batteries. At you'll read more about 18650 flashloights and Nitecore Tiny Monster.


It is very strong and even when you drop the flashlight, it doesn’t break. Guess what? I dropped from the top of the building accidently and it works fine well. It is also water resistant and can be submersed in 2 meters of water. If you are looking for quality then this is the one you want to purchase. You now have four flashlights that many have experienced.


Well, you need to know the cost of the flashlight? It is more expensive! This is high end device and yes there is definitely a cost for it. 390$ is what, it costs on amazon and not sure about online stores. Try to get the latest one with 4000 lumens and superb functions. With the most advantageous things, it is more effective and worth for the cost. It can work for lifetime, I would say because of the extreme manufacturer’s design and quality. This is state of art technology in the field of flashlights and would take time for everyone to purchase like this one. This is best and effective while walking during night time or reading a book in the dark and definitely a tool to carry with you while long journey.

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If you plan to throw a party for your child, remember it is no easy task. Planning parties for children can be a bit daunting but if you organize the party properly, you can create the best experience for your kid. There are some bare essential requirements about which you need to understand if you are throwing a party for your kid. Some of these are:

  1. Decorations

The decorations are one the most important factors that need to be taken into consideration while planning a party. The decorations should include party balloons, bells etc. to liven the mood of the party. Party balloons are the best accessories which children like the most.

  1. Snacks

Providing snacks from time to time is the best way of keeping the crowd in control. Everyone seems to cheer up by the name of food. So it is vital that you serve your guests food and drinks to cheer them up.

  1. Activities

Holding a child’s concentration for an hour or so can be a daunting task. So make sure you engage them in various activities to liven up their mood and keep them passive.

  1. Dance

All children love to dance. Make sure that you have some groovy music to which the children can dance.