Web Development

There are just a few myths or misconceptions about web development and it’s important to know before any decisions are made. While working on development projects everyone wants good bug-free code with the best technology and less time to market.

Myth: To find a delayed project finish quickly, increase the number of programmers!

So in case, you would like a development project to complete fast you employ number of developers? This isn’t actually correct! Adding more programmers to a project won’t make it finish quicker. It could actually delay the job.

There are a whole lot of theories about this but it’s been demonstrated that just increasing the developers won’t finish the job in time or faster.

Myth: For more economical and quicker jobs, overseas them!

This is a vital strategy these days for large businesses to get jobs done at economical costs. The service providers think that offloading work to growing economies can help in reducing costs. But again this isn’t always correct. We already that increasing programmer doesn’t mean rapid development, similarly sending a job overseas is also not always a fantastic idea. You can also find Common Facts Of Programming In Web Development through a web development company.

In reality, going overseas may make things worse or increase cost as well since you might have trained the new staff increase infrastructure and added to this is the cost of communicating between the two teams. Additionally there the time zone difference and culture and language differences.

It might be a fantastic decision in certain cases but there are instances where deadlines have slipped with outsourced jobs and work needed to be completed by in-house workers.

Myth: Developers working long hours are great coders

This is seen many times where developers work long hours and on weekends staying up late at night. The truth is programming is thought to be a profession where workers are the most sleep-deprived.

But this is in fact not correct. Working long hours doesn’t mean productivity.

Placing extra effort to meet deadlines is okay but at times the estimate might be unrealistic or project milestones aren’t clearly defined. Occasionally there are changes in the requirements itself from the customer. Some new requirements are added midway of this project and the entire timeline goes for a toss.

So developers have to wait for long hours and compensate for the flaws pursuing unrealistic objectives.

Effort shouldn’t be confused with progress. Putting extra effort doesn’t indicate that the job is progressing.

So working long hours doesn’t imply that a developer is good. The truth is programmers would like to leave office on time like everybody else!

Myth: Using cutting-edge technology produces good software

While developing applications generally the technology is of extreme importance since it determines cross-platform compatibility and robustness of applications etc..

But it doesn’t follow that just with an excellent technology all of your problems are solved. It’s true that the selection of software tools is essential to get a product because server environment, scalability, functionality all play an extremely significant part in the achievement of a product.Building excellent software with the perfect technology is important.