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Men are wearing white pants as the substitute for jeans: They’re lightweight in summer and are also certain to make a fashion statement. White pants are inclined to be see-through, nevertheless, so it might be a struggle to get undergarments which don’t show themselves.

Here are some types of men’s jeans:

Dickies Double Knee Work Pants – The Dickies Double Knee Work Pant has twill, cotton and polyester material. These loose fitting pants sit at the typical waist, is roomy over the seat & thigh, and carries a larger leg. Includes a work pant waistband, flexible multi-use side pocket and logo tag on left front leg and multi-use pocket.

Drawstring White Cotton – Drawstring pants imported and full elastic waist with front zip and drawstring along with side pockets; 2 button-through back pockets.

Men’s Casual Pants – A lot of greater durability with men’s casual pants and comfy men’s casual dress pants can be bought almost everywhere menswear is sold.

Sierra Subzero Microfleece Pants – Breathable fleece dries fast, warm insulate even if wet and is also easy to care for. Elastic waistband with drawstring closure customizes the fit and closeout.

Tear Away Pants – A set of buttons or snaps run upright either side of the leg because the buttons snap over products emerge. This is a pair of trousers which can be removed without taking the waistband under your toes. You can just, you know, snap them right off.

White Sierra Convertible Trail Pants – Zip-off pant legs lead to a trouble-free change from pants to shorts, or vice-versa, throughout the road. Vertical side zippers on cuffs permit the leg parts to slide off easily over footwear. Lightweight nylon tenders sun protection and have a water-resistant end so that they dry fast.