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It may be confusing choosing fabric for curtains and sorting out your chintz out of the damask so that it is really a fast breakdown of the chief sorts of curtain fabric.

Actually, chintz is a printed cloth, finely textured and carefully woven. It’s a tiny flowered pattern in delicate colors on a light foundation. ¬†You can browse http://www.fabricprintingthailand.com/natural-fabric-printing.php to buy printing curtains.

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The cloth can on occasion be glazed. Chintz is acceptable for use as a bedroom curtain cloth but may also be utilized in a toilet. Cretonne, on the other hand, is a printed cotton cloth using a thicker texture, a much bigger layout and includes stronger background colors and pattern that’s located in chintz.

Linen cloth for drapes is generally pricier than cretonne being exceptional in style and color, more lasting and using a softer, richer feel. Linen drapes are perfectly lined because the light shining through the cloth contrasts the overview of the plan and color.

Damask is a silk, cotton, lace or synthetic material with big, level, and easy and constant layout. Damask has intriguing light and color effects on account of the simple fact that the traces of this background run one way and people of this routine yet another.

Brocade curtain cloth is a damask or alternative weave, loom embroidered with little characters in relief and usually in many colors. Velour and velvet are alike except that brocade are often thicker.