Different Kinds Of Dust Collector

The dust has been the bane of people’ presence since we moved indoors. It seems that no matter how hard we try, it’s seemingly always there. Knowing what it is made of can help you keep the amount in your space at reasonable levels. Here are 9 of the most frequent particulates that often accumulate in your dwelling.

Lint–Fabrics from clothing, rugs, bedding, upholstered cushions, and furniture all discard tiny pieces of cloth. Cotton fabrics are well known for shedding.

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Consider how many particles come off when you shake just one bit of freshly laundered clothing. Over time there’s a buildup of these very small particles that eventually settle from the air.

Paper–Opening mail, paper, magazines, and tearing paper can all contribute to these particles entering the air and eventually settling from the atmosphere onto surfaces.

Pollen–Climate plays a huge role in when and how much you’ll be exposed to. Tree pollen begins first, in certain climates as early as

Dirt–Sand, earth, and other particles from the outside air will find their way inside through garages, windows, and doorways as you come and go every day.

The majority of these particles are heavy enough to settle out of the air pretty quickly, but they are easily sent airborne inside again with ordinary daily activities of children, pets, and even grown-ups.