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Know More About City of New York

New York City, officially named the City of New York, is the most populous town in the USA, and also the most densely populated key city in North America.

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  • Long before the coming of European settlers, the New York area was inhabited by the Lenape people, including such tribes as the Manahattoes, Canarsie, and Raritan.  You can navigate to to know more about New York City.
  • Big events in New York history comprise
  • Pennies In 1524 the first European explorer reaches New York Harbor
  • Pennies European settlement starts with the after the 1609 voyage of Henry Hudson
  • Pennies English ships captured the city without a struggle in 1664
  • Pennies The Dutch formally ceded New York to the English in the Treaty of Breda at the end of the Second Anglo-Dutch War at 1667
  • Pennies The town was renamed New York, after James, Duke of York, and became a royal colony in 1685
  • Pennies In two separate actions in 1874 and 1895, New York City (and New York County) annexed sections of southern Westchester County known as the Bronx
  • Pennies In 1898, New York City took the political form in which it exists to this day.

Place of interest

Tourism is a significant local industry, with hundreds of attractions and 39 million tourists visiting the city every year normally. Many people make it a point to See Ground Zero, the Empire State Building, Times Square, Radio City Music Hall, the Statue of Liberty, Ellis Island, Wall Street, United Nations Headquarters, the American Museum of Natural History, St. Patrick's Cathedral, Fifth Avenue, and the Brooklyn Bridge, among other attractions.