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Seasonal Preventive Maintenance for Fifth Wheels

Preventive care of your fifth wheel is very crucial. It is very necessary to get the maximum life from your parts and make sure it keeps functioning properly to maintain tractor and trailer attached.

Because each fifth wheel manufacturer uses different locking methods, it's very important to consult with some fifth wheel manufacturer's user manual for particulars. To know more about 5th wheel maintenance, you can visit

Routine periodic lubrication and maintenance are an essential part of your fifth wheel support life. For the best service life, do the steps below shown:

–    Lubricate the bending mechanism every 3 months or 30,000 miles.

–    Thoroughly wash the locking mechanism every 6 months or 60,000 miles. Clean all moving parts.

IMPORTANT: In case your fifth wheel works in snowy or icy winter conditions, lubrication ought to be performed every spring along with regular lubrication to ensure optimal functioning.

Suitable Lubrication:

–    Remove old debris and dirt out of most fifth wheel-to-trailer contact surfaces.

–    Employ new water-resistant lithium-based dirt to all fifth wheel-to-trailer contact surfaces.

Proper Inspection:

Inspect for bent, broken or missing portions every 6 months or 60,000 miles. Replace as required (use just your manufacturer's components).

Assess the procedure by unlocking and locking with a lock. Confirm the fifth wheel is totally shut, per your fifth wheel manufacturer's user guide directions.

WARNING: Failure to properly install, operate, or maintain your fifth wheel could bring about tractor and trailer separation resulting in death or serious harm to other people.