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Another Kind Of Marital Theme Incorporating Rainforests

With the ongoing season of weddings, it can surely become pretty much repetitive and boring. Hence, it is imperative to up the fashion quotient and bring in some changes in the wedding styles itself. Now, this can be brought about by a pristine beachfront wedding venue. Coming to think of it, who would not really absolutely love to have a colourful wedding filled with flora and fauna coming live? With the vibes of cool natural green and warm earth tones, the backdrop of the glowing light shall simply make for a unique kind of a wedding which shall be greatly remembered and cherished in the years to come by.


Here are some tips which can be taken to make the rainforest themed wedding special in its own ways

  • The bride can very well opt for nature themed jewellery and a bouquet having ferns and wildflowers. Bouquets having roses and delicate flowers have been going around for quite some time now and just does not seem to add any unique element to the weddings.
  • As for the groom, a tropical boutonniere worn by him shall be another way of incorporating the wedding theme.
  • The wedding cake can also be styled accordingly to make the wedding venue look like one larger than life rainforest backdrop.
  • As for the colour palette, as in the dressing theme for the wedding, it can range from yellow to deep blue.
  • The ceiling design can have crystal clouds which shall provide a serene and picturesque setup and the manifestation of a rainforest.
  • The invitation card for the wedding, which is a sneak peek inside the wedding, can also be set to tune in to the tropical appearance.
  • It can be decorated with leaves and tropical flowers to make for a beautiful invitation for such a wedding.

The possibilities are endless in this area. All you need to do is make up your mind as to what theme is the best for your wedding and what is that you and your spouse want. Once that’s decided, you need to hire the right service providers and they will help you to make your wedding a memorable one.