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How to Avoid War with your Landlord

Don't Make Any Changes without Informing the Landlord. This should be outlined in your contract but generally speaking, you aren't allowed to make any major changes to the property in your initiative without allowing the landlord to understand.

This also applies to energy, water, and internet suppliers. If you believe you want to change since another provider offers better rates and could benefit your financing, you can go over this with the owner or agent of the house who in most instances would not mind as long as you switch back to the first provider before you leave your property.

You can't swap or take any of the appliances that were already from the property without asking the landlord. If you do so, you may lose a part of the full amount of your deposit. It is possible, however, move furniture around the house if you wish and also you don't need to alert the landlord for that.

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 Do not Lie About Getting Pets or Children

It is true that it is a lot more difficult to lease a place if you have pets or children, but you can't use this as an excuse to lie to an agent or landlord until you sign the contract. If later on, it comes to light that you transferred in with pets or children without needing the approval of their landlord, your contract could be canceled and you can be evicted.

It is a myth that no one can remove you from a home when you have children. It may take a few weeks to get a court order but in the very end of the afternoon, the owner has the lawful right to get you from his or her property if you breached the contract.