Best Rated Invisible Dog Fence

Most dog owners want to know that their pets are safe when they are outside. When it comes to allowing them outdoors, you really have only two humane options. You either take them out on a leash multiple times a day or you must provide them with a fenced yard so they can't endanger themselves.

Installing fences can be expensive, especially if you have to pay someone to do the installation. Wooden fences rot and chain link fences rust. In some suburban areas you may not even be allowed to put up one of these types of fences. So, what is the alternative? Invisible fencing is a perfect third option.

The invisible fence has become so popular with dog owners because there is virtually no maintenance involved except perhaps replacing a battery from time to time. If you want an invisible fence that is going to be permanently in place, then you can choose a wired in underground version. If you want the ability to move the fence where you choose, you can get a wireless version. The dog collar works with the fence to keep your dog where you want him or her to go.

PetSafe is one of the best and most popular brand names in invisible fencing, but there are many others out there can could also suit your specific needs. I went to and discovered more choices with different coverage range and different price range.