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Landscaping Ideas for Border Privacy in Backyards


Adding privacy to your landscaping will enable you to enjoy doing things with your family and friends in the yard. Whether you have a tight or an open space, privacy landscaping will provide you to enjoy your backyard. These are a few tips for border privacy.

1. Make a Privacy Plan – You will need to consult with local municipal and government officials on the height of fencing related to your property. This is because few officials require you to have a permit before installing the fence. You’ll also need to get approvals from your neighbors if you wish to install taller fence or hedge.

2. Fencing –A wide variety of fencing materials allow you to customize your yard the way you want. Ask your friend to hold a tall pole and mark the borders along the fence. Walk around and look at your yard to see if the like how your yard looks like.

3. Fence Plantings–Your border can look good by adding easy-to-care shrubs. The shape and textures of the shrubs gives a clean and soft visual for viewers. They also help to reflect the light according to the color of the fence making it easier on the eyes. Plants like hollies, hibiscus syriacus, and California lilacs can also help you to extend your privacy.  

These are some of the basic tips for your backyards allowing you to have your privacy. Companies related to landscaping contractors in Sydney can help you to create your own custom backyard.