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Monsanto’s GE Soy Is Roundup Ready for Mass Consumption

At the core of the genetically modified organism controversy is the giant biotech firm Monsanto and its main product, GE Soy. With soybeans being the most significant gmo harvest worldwide with 93 percent of the US soybean crops grown from genetically modified seeds, it's clear the rush that the biotech giant was to make it ready for release stating that there is no requirement for testing on people, nor is there some inherent significance in it.

The recent gmo study, however, has proven that this is not so. Among its earlier gmo soybeans, which had genes from the Brazil nut inserted into its DNA, had demonstrated itself allergenic to many people who had never before shown any allergic reactions.

More recent findings on a more recent variety genetically modified because of its herbicide-resistant properties (trademarked as Roundup Ready from the biotech firm) have uncovered bigger side effects.

Roundup was in wide use in the home and gmo crops across the United States because the product was initially released by Monsanto. Believing it had been safe, many Americans have unwittingly subjected themselves to the Roundup cancer risk at no fault of their own. People suffering from cancer after being exposure to Roundup may be eligible to file a roundup cancer lawsuit.

There are other side effects of gmo crops these include documented liver impairment and possible toxemia (as shown in mice and rabbits), infant mortality and sterility, as well as studies wherein the herbicide in the noodle,  killed human kidney, umbilical and placental cells with 24 hours, a very clear indicator of possible influence on humans.