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Great Natural Treatment Program For High Blood Pressure

Nitric Oxide & Cayenne Pepper have also been shown to help keep your arteries clean. Nitric Oxide is one of the best methods to keep your arteries elastic which may increase blood flow and reduce blood pressure; it is available in the form of a tablet. When you purchase Omron BP785 10 Series Upper Arm Blood Pressure Monitor, you may get over the counter BP medicines for free.

The herb Cayenne Pepper has the outstanding quality of having the ability to clean your arteries as well as stop the building up of cholesterol & plaque. It also melts existing deposits. Cayenne can be taken as an extract or mixed with water. Cayenne pepper is very hot so you actually need to swallow it as quickly as you can. The trick’s to get it thru your mouth as quickly as possible because the ends of the nerves that sense the heat are mostly in your mouth instead of your throat or stomach. Luckily it is also available in capsules which makes it far easier to take.

To keep checking your blood pressure on a constant basis, you may have to buy a good blood pressure monitor. Omron BP785 10 series upper arm blood pressure monitor is a good blood pressure monitor.