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Comparing Google Phone and iPhone


There's been plenty of news circulating about the potential for a handset equipped and assembled by Google and operating on their Android software.

However, what to think? Can Google launch a call to equal that of the clients (Motorola, HTC)? Furthermore, if released is it the phone to eventually knock on the iPhone off its base?

The present state of this handset market

 Apple is expected to specify a certain release date for their iPhone 4G on Monday, June 7th and the Android is rising in popularity on a daily basis. A good deal of cell phone customers are awaiting upgrade or purchase new handsets but are unsure exactly what platform to devote to. To read reviews on the latest google pixel phones you may visit

The Google Android Operating System

When Google bought Android Inc back in 2005, they obtained a company who specialized in cell phone applications and operating systems.

Comparing Google Phone and iPhone

In 2010, Android was published on numerous apparatus, especially the latest HTC handsets.

The iPhone 4G

Virtually everyone reading this may have noticed the leaked footage of this iPhone 4G online and Apple's scurried attempts to keep its secrecy. Rumors are flying around to the new attributes (HD video recording and streaming, TV, ultra-fast online connection ) and we're anticipating Apple's official launch on Monday, June 7th.

The Major Question

Therefore do you combine the brand new generation of Android consumers or wait for Apple's much-anticipated iPhone 4G?

Concerning performance, they're extremely similar but in which Apple is mostly in favor of HTML5, Android provides easier compatibility for programmers through Flash, which Apple is gradually hoping to edge out of its own products.