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The Benefits Of Reflexology For Sufferers Of Back Pain

Anytime back pain strikes, you may be tempted to turn to topical remedies, pain medications, careful stretching and other fixes in an effort to address the discomfort. It is, however, less likely that you have thought about using your feet as a means to solve the problem.
Though it is not necessarily intuitive to think of the feet when back pain becomes an issue, the centuries-old technique of reflexology suggests that you should. According to this practice, every part of the body has a corresponding access point on the foot. It is thought that there are similar points of influence on the hands as well as the ears, but a large number of reflexology experts concentrate on feet because of their larger size and because it is easier to find the correct spots for each type of ailment. Visit for more information.
Techniques within reflexology are incredibly effective in stopping pain signals. Though some who undergo this type of treatment experience almost immediate relief, lasting benefits may require several sessions from a skilled reflexologist. The wisest course of action is to have two or three appointments per week for multiple weeks. Then, it is possible to reduce the sessions to once weekly and eventually once monthly just for maintenance purposes.
In terms of solving back pain, there are a number of critical reflex points. It is vital to concentrate on the hop, sciatic and spinal reflexes. Whenever back discomfort is stemming from a kidney issue, these reflexes will also need attention. Those who have utilized reflexology for their own personal back pain battles have been amazed by the results.