Web Development – Do It Yourself?

Can I Do My Own Website?

Many companies or people in Windsor who want a site commonly ask the question: "Can I create my own site?" The response to this question is yes. In actuality, creating a site that is simple is easier than it ever was.

Programs such as Macromedia's Dreamweaver or Microsoft FrontPage have made it easy to web develop pages with little to no skill. Simply pick a pre-made template, type in your text, add a couple of pictures and voila! You have yourself a website, right? Well, sort of.

Web Development - Do It Yourself?

The fact of the matter is, you cannot expect to develop a professional looking website by plugging your text into a template using a code generation tool. Yes, applications have improved with it creates HTML, the markup code that defines the structure of your web pages, but generated code will be efficient, and bulkier than the hand.

Professionals in Windsor develop their HTML pages. In fact, page programmers rarely use anything but a text editor to create their pages. Page programmers will use for what encapsulates the content of page through the markup tags, and it was designed for, to describe the structure of a webpage HTML.

What does all that mumbo-jumbo mean? Well, in other words, it means that there is a web page programmer going to structure a page using the tags, not simply using tags that look every time a page is rendered to the browser. Himself never concerns with a page look is made by the HTML; HTML is there to structure a page, not describe the design is defined.