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Tips For Purchasing Cable Reel Trailer

Reel trailers can be a long term investment, with most lasting more than a decade. Like cable drum trailers, these reel trailers definitely provide an efficiency boost, improving the workers productivity. These are two advantages, and two of the most important reasons why you should consider all your options before making a purchase. Here are some tips to help you out with a purchase.


  • Checking specifications

It is very important that you cross check the specification of the product being considered, particularly in terms of its size, capability of holding weight, and other technical aspects. The price for a cable reel trailer may vary in thousands, just for its weight capacity. Therefore, it is important not just to look at the price, but the features of the trailer.

  • Knowing your required reel size

It is important to know what sort of a reel trailer will fulfill your requirements, particularly the reel size. While the reel may weigh the same, it is also important to see if it will be suitable for haul the reel size you require. For example, a reel trailer designed to reel a 48 inch reel may not be suitable to haul a 30 inch reel weighing the same as the former.

  • Centre hole compatibility

It must also be checked the centre hole for a reel is compatible with the reel bars. Experts claim that this is one of the most common mistakes made, whereby most reels have centre holes close to 3 inches, however, it becomes a problem when the reel bars have a greater diameter.

Make sure you check your requirements and the specifications of the product carefully before making a purchase decision, as a mismatch could be a huge loss!