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Improving Visual Perception With Stem Cell Therapy

Imagine if you can see well then everybody else? Just how much would you pay to have those skills? Can your mind manage all the higher advice coming in?

Can it provide your visual cortex a run for the money – do you accommodate just as you do if you find out a new ability? Yes, all excellent questions, actually more questions than answers, but let us talk shall we?

You might not understand that but a Falcon (bird) can observe 8-times better compared to a human eye. In their retina’s most sensitive stage, the phobia, they have a lot more observable cells.

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As many as 1.5 million cells that are visual in actuality, whereas, individuals simply have 200,000 or so, they also have two phobias in each eye.

It appears possible to alter the human eye using the most current Biotech approaches to be close to the visual acuity of a Falcon (1).

People with their considerably larger brains may easily deal with the bandwidth at the visual cortex in my own estimation. Thus, that solves one of the initial issues.

This treatment could perhaps be carried out with minimal intrusion, and require less time and be much safer compared to laser eye operation.

If the price would not be that large, and because all this technology today exists, and we could do so, perhaps we need to, that is to say, perhaps we can progress growth several clicks, that knows possibly at the same time people could observe that great, however, we de-evolved these skills.