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Stock Images to Boost Your Project

Stock images are being used very widely nowadays. They are being used by companies or those who develop websites, bloggers, graphic artists, advertising agencies, and news agencies, etc. They could be procured from image sites. There are a variety of stock image websites available. A few of them provide images free whereas some are paid sites.

A stock image website is also called a stock agency. It has photographs captured by professional photographers of common places, landmarks, nature, events or people, etc.

Stock images can be procured from agencies for free or by spending money on the rights for their usage. You can also buy various images via for your project.

The different ways that stock images can be procured by a user are:

Public Domain:

When a graphic comes in public website, it means that it could be used free of cost. The user will not need a license for using them. These images can be utilized for commercial and personal purposes.

Rights Managed:

A rights managed image is one in which the way to use it is specified by the stock agency. For example, the image size and quality, geographical area of usage, the amount of time of usage, may be given. It could be used by a single user or multiple users. You can also purchase creative commons photos online.

Royalty Free:

There's a greater flexibility offered when Royalty Free images are being used. Royalty-free implies paying a one-time payment for non-exclusive lifelong use of the image.

However, there are specific restrictions on the usage.

– The images can't be resold or transferred to another owner.

– Images shouldn't be found in an offensive manner.

– There may be a limit on a number of copies used.

– These images can be used by multiple users.

Extended License:

Extended license enhances the facilities offered available from the Royalty-free license.

A few examples of facilities offered are:

– It may supply the user the flexibility to use unlimited copies of a printed image

– You will be able to market the image to other owners with this certificate.

– You can determine who owns the image to withdraw it from being an offer to other users.

– An extended license is a very expensive option.