Estate Planning Process in California

Find an experienced Estate Planning lawyer: The step of estate planning is to hire an estate planning lawyer. Getting a referral from your friend or relative is a good idea to appoint a lawyer. You can check out if you are looking for a California Certified Specialist in Estate Planning, Trust and Probate Law.

Decide that you have a need for an Estate Plan: Do you have family or a friend that you care about? Do you have property? Then you most likely require an estate plan.

Schedule a Meeting: After hiring a lawyer, plan a meeting with estate planning lawyer because until you do that the process can not start.

Talk about How a Trust works with your lawyer: Discuss with your attorney that how probate is a good thing to avoid, and how taxes work.

Analysis Rough Draft: Once you and your lawyer have gone through the questionnaire collectively the attorney will get ready a rough draft and send to you for evaluation.

Questions and Answers: Evaluate the rough draft carefully and then go over questions and answers with the lawyer to make sure you understand the plan properly.

Sign the papers: Make a meeting with the lawyer to sign the documents. This will generally be done in the attorney's office as they can provide two witnesses for the will and a legal representative for the other documents. To know about estate planning in more detail you can go to this web-site.

Fund the Trust: One of the most frequently missed steps in the estate planning process is funding the trust. Failure to correctly fund the trust can create a huge void in the plan which will often need a trip to the probate Court after death.

Keep the documents in a secure place: A secure deposit box at a bank is good but a fireproof box at home may be much better. Also, think about giving a copy to the trusted people named in the papers.

There may be various methods followed, but this is probably representative of most. These steps complete the estate planning process from beginning to last.