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How to choose the colors of table covers?

While there is no specific guideline to choosing colors for table covers, it is traditional to opt for white or light colors that don't attract attention. You should only consider that if there are matching napkins. They must make an appealing combination, for example, using a white cloth and black crockery.

The table cover should always cover the entire surface of the table and hang between one fourth and a third of the distance. You should never choose table covers that appear close to the floor by one of its side.

If the table is delicate or material that creates loads of noise when tapped, your can put between it as well as the tablecloth some protective plastic or rubber also protect the table from spills and excessive temperature.

The napkins, as previously mentioned, must feel attuned to the table cover. Must furthermore be at least 40 cm. on each side. Smaller must be reserved for tea sets, coffee or snacks or breakfast. Be aware that formal gray was not appropriate to bent that is special the plate to the left or right in it, just make a triangle and stick it. Like this, there are many more color combinations which you can try with the table covers.