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Web Design

The internet has opened up a whole world of opportunities for us. The importance of the web site has now gone up manifold as it is a reflection of the image of the person or company and should be such that generates a positive interest from the prospective buyer. 


A website is a collection of data (text or images) regarding any given subject. Web design refers to actually conceiving and putting into practice the plans regarding the looks and functions of a particular website. A website should be a combination of written content and images to have a balanced look. Thus, web design would include creating the different pages required for a website and linking them appropriately so as to provide the required facilities to the prospective customer. Web design has evolved over time and today the website design is of prime importance in any kind of online business. 

There are certain things that must be considered while designing a website so as to make it attractive for the prospective customer. 

Important features that must be considered for web design

The content of a web site is a very important feature. With SEO being a field that is gaining prominence by the day, the content of a web site has come to play an important role. For making maximum use of the search engine it is important to have keyword rich content and also appropriate headings for your content. If the content is keyword rich, then the search engine itself would prove a very helpful tool in diverting traffic to your particular website. 

While designing a website, the use and functions of a website are also extremely important elements that must be considered. It must be ensured that the website is user-friendly and a first time user should be able to navigate through the website easily. The appearance or the looks should be attractive and interesting and should be such that is able to retain the interest of the visitor. The website must have both data or text and images so as to make it interesting. It should, however be kept in mind that the images are not too many that it

increases the time taken for the website to actually open or load. If it takes too long for the web page to load the visitor might loose interest in the site and go on to some other website providing similar facilities. 

A harmony must be maintained while designing the website. The font used and the colour of the font should be kept uniform.Employing a local design company could be beneficial so if you are looking for web design surrey then just do a search in Google and you should find plenty of companies that are offering website design surrey