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Choosing the right location for 24″ portable dishwasher

right location for 24

Many modern kitchens have a lot of built-in appliances – a microwave and washing machines, ovens, and of course 18 or 24 inch dishwashers. There are such a variety of techniques, because the whole economic life is concentrated in the kitchen today. If you already have a 24″ portable dishwasher, where it build, how to put it?

Location of any portable or built-in 18 or 24 inch dishwasher in the kitchen should be correct and easy! Here are some tips. These tips are suitable for all types of dishwasher machines, for built-in units (which have facades with a texture and color of the furniture in the front) and no built-in (external) 24 and 18 inch portable dishwashers, those which do not have the exterior facade (ordinary white plastic or metal).

1. Do not install it close to the stove or the oven. This is bad for "dishwashers", as well as for the oven. When the oven is heated, also heats the objects are beside, if not much, as the oven is heating its thermal insulation but it is. If the dishwasher is located beside the oven, it heats too. Such heating may adversely affect the electronics as well as its rubber seals that can cause damage to the dishwasher. Therefore, many manufacturers recommend not to put the dishwasher and oven – stove near each other. The minimum distance should be 6 inches, preferably 16 inches or one narrow cabinet in width.

2. Do not install your 24 inch portable dishwasher in the last section of the kitchen furniture. At least, many manufacturers do not recommend this mount. "Dishwasher", should be fixed rigidly between the two fixed cabinets of the kitchen furniture. If you set the dishwasher to the edge, then one part is not fixed, that is not right!

3. Also, with the arrangement, it is worth considering that you will need to get a variety of powders and detergents for it and, therefore, "dishwasher", must be installed close to the sink (usually in the sink we keep all household utensils for the kitchen), about distance of 32 – 40 inches.

4. Again, in the third paragraph it is clear that you should not install the dishwasher, far from the boxes for dishes. It is logical to place the dishwasher next to or under the drawer for cookware. Just convenient, it does not have to stretch.