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Decorate Your Home Being Inspired In Alice In Wonderland

Lately, everyone is more obsessed with “Alice in Wonderland” (all thanks to the recent release of the film by Tim Burton). In decorateinterior.com we could not stay outside and so we present a fantastic idea: Decorate your home Based on this tale by Lewis Carroll.

Probablement is the best occasion to celebrate the birthday girl or preparing a themed party for the kids at home and friends. Do not miss the opportunity to recreate the world of Alice in your own home!

The chosen site is the garden. For this it is essential to use vibrant colors. Place a stuffed rabbit outside the house or near the entrance (we know that the rabbit is one of the most recognized of these adventures). Paint signs to bring the guests to the venue of the party.

Remove all clocks from your home and place them in the venue of the party. BOUT You can place a tray of silver in the center of the table or replace the works of art and paintings by clocks of all shapes and sizes.

Queen of Alice in Wonderland gave great importance to its roses and therefore also in our party have to do it. Fill vases with red and white roses. You can also use large pieces of white eva rubber to create large playing cards. You can hang from the trees at the entrance or in the backyard.

Fill out the party hats, limpapipas, paper butterflies, insects, plastic flowers, scissors and tape to each of the guests can participate in the decoration.

Mixing a lot of teapots, jugs and boxes placed hats. The more different are much better! It offers a buffet of tea. Serve your guests a lot of them as small sandwiches, sweets and biscuits. It will be a perfect party!

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