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Belgio Coaster: Protects The Surface From Scratches

The Belgio coaster set is made up of vinyl as the main material and with a velvet finish at the bottom to protect the surface from scratches. The set includes 5 coasters that are attractive with neat finishing. The coaster is designed to have a perfect square share and sharp edges. Each coaster is well designed with vinyl with corner stitching around the edges with fine detail.

All the coasters will be perfectly designed with corner stitching that makes it attractive to look around the edges. The bottom is flocked with velvet to prevent the surface from scratches and that will give the coaster a good grip. Belgio coaster set is also easily customizable with lots of customizing space available in the surface.

A caddy is also included along with each set. The finishing of the product is fine and it can also be subjected to various custom designs based on the client needs. You can put a logo on display easily with these coasters that making it usable for event promotions. Apart from imprinting of the logo, you can also do any kind of artwork in the space that is available for custom design in Belgio coaster set from lovecoasters. Visit this site and find latest coaster designs.